Some social people will kill for it and some possess passed away for this. It’s what drives many to accomplish great things and some understand how deep it will go.
November’s Word from the Month is Interest.

Here’s how exactly we do the term from the Month (WOTM). I consider WOTM the sluggish writer’s meme. It isn’t that I’m really sluggish, it’s that I have to really think about and take into account the word, allow it soak on me until I could sit back and knock a post out really. So you have got before end from the month (at nighttime) to create something good.
Your choice on how best to utilize the word doesn’t have to become apparent (or anything about the aforementioned picture) or the way you think After all the term (do not try to enter my human brain). It must be YOU simply. A genuine reflection of the considered the expressed phrase. That’s what I really like; to find out different perspectives from the portrayed phrase every month. And

I wish to listen to from you. So sit down, think, hell possess a glass or two and write it out. Exactly what does this expressed phrase mean for you? So how exactly does you be produced because of it experience? Where is usually your passion? Do you have one? Is it lost? Can it be found?
So here’s what you do…If you have your own blog, then post, link up below and be sure to use my Word of the Month button linking back to this original post. If you don’t have your own blog, but want to write, that’s AWESOME! Send me an email to jenH at NotJustAnotherJen dot com and I’ll gladly post on your behalf, but please don’t send it to me right as the clock is usually striking midnight, you gotta give me a little bit of notice. I stay off my computer after 6:00 p.m. on most nights.

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To get your brain thinking, here is ‘s (World English Dictionary) version of the November’s Word of the Month.
2. intense sexual love
3. a strong devotion or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc: a passion for poetry
4. any strongly felt emotion, such as love, hate, envy, etc
5. a state or outburst of extreme anger: he flew into a passion
6. the object of an intense desire, ardent affection, or enthusiasm
7. an outburst expressing intense emotion: he burst into a passion of sobs
8. philosophy
a. any state of the mind in which it is affected by something external, such as belief, desire, etc, as contrasted with action
b. feelings, desires or emotions, as contrasted with reason
9. the sufferings and death of a Christian martyr

Thanks for playing with me and have fun! Cheers friends!

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