Over the past two months, I have been running up against of the hardest physical challenge I have encountered other than being pregnant for nine months and giving birth (because if you knew me, that was no cake walk). I used to be accredited to be always a Jazzercise trainer recently. Some individuals are known by me say, Jazzercise? You need to be kidding…the whole 1980s ‘let’s get physical,’ leg warmers and headband point is coming back?” Yeah that, but not that, Holly Holliday Jazzercise never went away, and just like me, it’s gotten better with age. (like that? I thought you would…)

Training was an ass-kicker. You’d think my butt would have disappeared working out six days a week, however I don’t think that I’ve decreased any weight, but I will tell you that I’m gaining serious muscle. I’ve never been an athlete or gym bunny. But I’ve long known that dance makes my soul sing and it has chasséd in and out of my life since childhood. It’s what I can count on.
I’ve got rhythm. I’ve got music. Who could ask for anything more? ( JenHM that was for you.) Dance provides arrive normally if you ask me so when music is certainly on often, it certainly is hard for me personally to contain myself.

Jazzercise is a superb workout. It’s dance fitness, weight training and extending to a number of music. It isn’t solely hiphop or latin (and there’s a great dose of this as well). The music is certainly diverse and slashes across many a musical range. I want that variety to keep it fun. New routines and great music kept me coming back for more.

And now, holy shit, I am an instructor too.

Here’s WHY I did it (I need to write it out so I have a place to come back for potential inspiration and I thought you, much like my Husband, could be wondering WTH as well)…
It had been done by me because I believe people want more pleasurable and funk within their lifestyle. I know I really do.
I did so it because Jazzercise is for each physical body No real matter what size, age, ability, form, persuasion or color you might be, there’s something to get in each course. It might seem that you will be this rather than that, but the simple fact is normally, just get up off your ass, come move your body and shake your booty (big or little, whatever… They mean it when they say Jazzercise is for each and every body). Actually if you’re not dancing to the same beat or moving in the same direction as everyone else. It’s okay. You’re moving your body, getting your blood flowing and pumping your heart and THAT’S a step in the right direction.

I did it because I know it feels good to move your body. You may even chuckle a little bit during class. I at myself all the time have fun. I have fun with others Occasionally. Occasionally the instructor’s love of life is normally full-tilt boogey. It’s great to have fun and sweat at the same time. It’s an unusual combination it doesn’t occur all too often in lifestyle, but it’s great when it occurs.

Never to get too woo-woo on you, but I think there is something deeply spiritual and humanly primitive to dancing in a group with others that feeds our souls in ways that people can’t ever imagine. I like to pretend that dancing together creates good cosmic waves that battle the bad mojo that’s available. How’s that for crazy thinking?

I did it because I want to challenge myself especially the year that I’m turning 40. I know Jazzercise can melt the the smooth and gooey center even only going 2 days a week for a yr. I imagine that operating in the instructor intensity level several times a complete week, I’ll finally gain those shapely hands and place my brain at tranquility about putting on a swimwear I might still possess cellulite and starting varicose blood vessels, but I understand which i am carrying out something to greatly help me feel great inside and appearance better externally.

I did so it because I believe a t-shirt that says jazz hands builds solid muscles” will be funny-dorky-cool. (You heard it here initial, people.)
It had been done by me for the like of dance.

I did so it because being truly a part of an operating organization mostly work by ladies is a confident and awesome encounter.

I did so it because I wish to take part in positive modification in people’s lives, assisting them within their well-being and health. This gets increasingly more important once we age group. I say, pay out or pay out later on right now. Either real way, you’re gonna pay out. Most of us listen to that a lot of people will need to have regular and regular exercise to keep up pounds, health and vitality. It’s an accepted medical fact. Guess what…you’re probably like most people. Just get on board with it. The future is coming. Get off your ass and find an activity that works for you.

THANK YOU Judi Sheppard Missett for creating this phenomenon and a strong business that has been in existence for 42 years. THANK YOU Shanna Missett Nelson for continuing your mother’s legacy, upholding high standards and plie´ marching us into the future. Thank you Cheryl Burke for attaching your name and great dancing reputation with Jazzercise. It moves the brand forward and extends its visibility in ways it couldn’t before. Thank you Jina Bjelland for the inspiration, humor and fun that you bring to every class. Much gratitude to Holly Galloway and The Decider, Sarah Fritz. You gals are great examples of the high standards and excellence that is Jazzercise. Thank you Michele Checchia for the reassurance and perfection. Thank you Faye & Gigi for being great training partners. I’m so glad we made it together!

This Thankful Thursday, feel free to comment below or write your own post and borrow my button. What are you most thankful for? Or if you love Jazzercise too, what is your WHY and where do you do it?
Cheers friends!

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