Cabbage soup is as diverse a soup as a vegetable. There isn’t one way to make it but all the way will taste just good if we have our favorite ingredients.

As I currently have some time, I had been surfing on the internet the other day. Attempting to find new, intriguing ideas, inspiring recipes that I have never used before, to impress my loved ones with. Hunting for a long time but could not discover lots of interesting stuff. Right before I thought to give up on it, I discovered this tempting and simple dessert by chance. The dessert looked so scrumptious on its photos, it required prompt action.

It absolutely was not difficult to imagine just how it is made, how it tastes and just how much my hubby might enjoy it. Actually, it is extremely easy to keep happy the guy in terms of desserts. Anyways, I visited the website: Suncakemom and simply followed the comprehensive instuctions that were coupled with superb snap shots of the process. It really makes life quite easy. I could suppose it’s a bit of a hassle to take pics in the middle of baking in the kitchen as you may will often have sticky hands so I really appreciate the effort and time she put in to build this blogpost and recipe easily followed.

With that said I am empowered to present my own, personal dishes in the same way. Many thanks the concept.

I had been fine tuning the main formula to make it for the taste of my loved ones. Need to say it turned out a terrific outcome. They enjoyed the taste, the thickness and loved having a sweet such as this during a hectic workweek. They ultimately requested lots more, many more. Thus the next time I am not going to make the same mistake. I’m gonna double the amount .

You can find the original cabbage soup recipe at SunCakeMom

Dice up one carrot, onion and one stalk of celery that will be the mirepoix base of the soup.

Pour the oil into a pot then add the diced up vegetables with the salt in then saute on high heat until it gets a translucent / glassy look for about 2-5 minutes.

Turn the heat down and cook on low to medium heat until the onion starts to caramelize for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Add the tomato, garlic and paprika and cook it until the garlic gets fragrant for about 2 -5 minutes.

If we are to use meat or bones in the soup this is the time to place them into the pot otherwise just skip this step. Add a cup of water, put the lid on then after bringing it to a boil cook it on low heat for about 20 minutes.

Add the diced up cabbage and sliced carrot.

Fill the pot up until the vegetables are almost submerged then Place the lid on then bring the water to boil.

Cook it for about 10 – 15 minutes on low heat or until the desired vegetable texture is achieved. When carrots are done cabbages are done too.

If there is a chance let it sit and cool for a half an hour that allows the flavors to come together and truly shine.