Naturally keto coleslaw salad that doesn’t need extra effort to be tasty and healthy. Well, we have to make our own mayo but homemade is always better.

As I most recently have a little time, I had been looking on the internet yesterday. Looking for fresh, exciting thoughts, inspirational meals that I have never tested before, to astonish my family with. Hunting for quite some time yet could not come across lots of interesting stuff. Right before I wanted to give up on it, I came upon this tempting and easy dessert by chance. The dessert seemed so tempting

on its snapshot, that required quick action.

It absolutely was easy to imagine the way it’s created, how it tastes and how much boyfriend will love it. Mind you, it is extremely simple to keep happy him when it comes to puddings. Yes, I’m a blessed one. Or perhaps he is.Anyway, I visited the blog: Suncakemom and simply followed the comprehensive instuctions that were accompanied by nice pictures of the method. It just makes life much easier. I can imagine that it’s a slight inconvenience to take photos in the midst of baking in the kitchen as you may usually have gross hands so that i genuinely appreciate the effort and time she placed in for making this post .

That being said I am empowered to present my very own dishes in a similar fashion. Thanks for the idea.

I was tweaking the original mixture create it for the taste of my loved ones. I must say it turned out a terrific success. They prized the taste, the consistency and enjoyed having a treat like this during a stressful week. They ultimately asked for lots more, more and more. Thus the next time I’m not going to make the same miscalculation. I’m gonna multiply the amount to keep them happy.

You can find the original keto coleslaw recipe recipe at SunCakeMom

Shred the cabbage and all the other vegetables to thin stripes

Make the mayonnaise or the vinaigrette. Vinaigrette is just whisking together the ingredients until we get a homogeneous mixture while mayonnaise can be a little bit trickier. If anytime in doubt, just check out how to make mayonnaise in the KnowledgeBase.

Mix together the sliced cabbage, carrot and the mayo or vinaigrette.

Mix in all the optional vegetables as well and place them in the fridge until serving.

It’s ready to be served immediately but as cabbage always tastes better the day after, it is recommended to let it sit at least a couple of hours while salt and acid does their jobs.