Two layers of buttery pastry stuck together with tasty jam and lots of love. Easy, fancy looking bites that are perfect company for any encounter.

As I recently have some time, I was searching on the web the other day. Attempting to find fresh, exciting tips, inspirational recipes that We have never tried before, to delight my loved ones with. Hunting for a long time yet could not come across any interesting stuff. Just before I thought to give up on it, I discovered this fabulous and simple dessert simply by chance. The dessert looked so delightful on its image, that called for prompt actions.

It was not difficult to imagine just how it’s created, how it tastes and just how much boyfriend might like it. Actually, it is quite simple to keep happy him in terms of desserts. Anyways, I got into the website: Suncakemom and then followed the step by step instuctions that had been combined with superb photographs of the task. It really makes life much easier. I could suppose it’s a slight hassle to take photos in the middle of baking in the kitchen because you most often have sticky hands and so i highly appreciate the effort and time she put in for making this blogpost .

Having said that I’m empowered to present my own dishes similarly. Thanks for the concept.

I was tweaking the initial formula to make it for the taste of my family. I have to mention it was an awesome success. They prized the flavour, the overall look and enjoyed getting a treat like this in the middle of a lively workweek. They quite simply requested lots more, a lot more. Thus the next occasion I’m not going to commit the same miscalculation. I’m going to multiply the quantity .

Many Thanks to Suncakemom for the awesome Linzer Cookies.

Set oven onto 350°F / 180°C.

Prepare trays with parchment paper.

Put all ingredients in a medium size mixing bowl and work it together by hand until getting an even dough.

Take dough out of the bowl onto a lightly floured surface and roll it flat. Flouring underneath the dough is important as this coating will prevent it to stick down.

Cut out the shapes with Easter themed cookie cutters and place them on the tray.

Put cookies into the preheated oven for 10 minutes to bake.

Take them out and let them cool down before sticking them together with jam.

Stick two together with a teaspoon of jam.

Leave them for a couple of hours before serving.