Are we really who we think we are? Try some of these tasty peanut butter cookies now while diving deep in the soul of human kind!

As I lately have a little time, I was browsing on the web last week. Attempting to find new, exciting thoughts, inspiring recipes that I’ve never tried before, to astonish my family with. Hunting for a while yet couldn’t find too many interesting stuff. Right before I thought to give up on it, I discovered this scrumptious and easy dessert by luck on Suncakemom. The dessert seemed so fabulous on its photos, that required immediate action.

It absolutely was easy to imagine just how it’s made, its taste and how much my hubby is going to like it. Actually, it is rather simple to please him when it comes to treats. Yes, I am a blessed one. Or maybe he is.Anyhow, I went to the webpage and then followed the detailed instuctions that had been coupled with impressive pictures of the task. It really makes life much simpler. I could suppose it is a slight hassle to shoot photographs down the middle of cooking in the kitchen because you normally have sticky hands therefore i sincerely appreciate the hard work she devote to build this post and recipe conveniently implemented.

With that in mind I’m encouraged presenting my own, personal recipes in a similar way. Many thanks the thought.

I was fine tuning the original formula to make it for the taste of my family. I must say that it was an incredible success. They prized the flavour, the overall look and enjoyed getting a sweet such as this in the middle of a busy week. They basically demanded even more, more and more. Thus next time I’m not going to make the same mistake. I am gonna double the quantity .

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New school

Measure all the ingredients.

Mix the ingredients until there is a uniform texture.

Roll the dough out into two logs so it will be easier to measure out the cookie sizes if we are after a somewhat uniform sized cookie batch. Try out how the different sized dough spread and pick the one that is closes to our heart.

We have found the 0.5 oz / 15g balls are the perfect size for our cookies.

Press them down with a wet or slightly oiled fork vertically then horizontally.

Put the cookies into a 350°F / 180°C preheated oven for about 15 minutes. Mind not to keep them there much longer as they can dry out and crumble at the slightest touch.